Wow! The pirate drama off the Somali coast is like something out of a movie. These kinds of things rarely end well, and never seem to end quite the way anyone plans. It is really nice to hear that the captain of the Maersk Alabama is safe.

It's regrettable that they couldn't negotiate a solution, but from the pirates perspective they couldn't win for losing in that situation. They endured about all the bad luck and poor planning they could handle by that point. I hate to see anything devolve into violence but if it had to happen this was the preferable outcome. I'm guessing this will be a teaching example for Navy Seals long into the future.

We don't have all the information but I'm assuming that Seal snipers probably had alot to do with it, anything closer range or less surpising would have provoked them to kill the captain. If so, those guys are the best of the best. Shooting with that kind of precision in a short time span would be hard on land, doing it with the added variable of pitch and roll on the open ocean would be near impossible. Even with a Barrett .50, a great scope and helpful technology that kind of shooting is as legendary as Annie Oakely.

I'll be interested to hear more as information leaks out...and watch the movie and read the book. I'm assuming the captain will get a seven figure advance for his story and likely a hefty sum for the movie rights in this media saturated age. I'm sure he would rather not have had the ordeal, but a bit of recompense is probably therapeutic at this point.