...and incredibly dumb at the same time.

I've beaten myself about the head all week trying to figure out a homework question for my multivariate statistics class. I finally gave up on it and focused on preparing for my first masters committee meeting this morning (Which went well BTW). I actually turned in the assignment before class today figuring it was a lost cause.

Then...the prof was illustrating another unrelated problem and there was the answer, clear as day in front of me! I feel quite smart at the moment. Unfortunately the answer was aggravatingly simple. Still...it's nice to figure something out in this class. The professor has made it a constant struggle with his own unpreparedness and inability to get the simple concepts across, let alone the complex ones.

Still, I can now explain why minimizing the trace of the pooled covariance matrix of a dataset is equivalent to minimizing the sum of squared error criterion when doing discriminant analysis. Try dropping that nugget of knowledge at your next dinner party!

I'm quickly becoming a super-nerd!!