...Second, I like very much the spatial take of your analysis. I think it is creative, useful, and effective...I think it makes an interesting contribution in framing the study. Third, in the second half of the paper, you do a very good job of explaining the information, then analyzing and summarizing it. This is terrific...In the end, this is a well researched and well framed history. I hope that it served you well in some way in your graduate work.

Prof. X

This goes out to the chumps who thought I'd lost the touch since my undergrad days. I'm an OC*. I took my knocks in the 90's but don't be half-steppin', I can still write a term paper in the 00's better than half ya'll sucka's!

Just kidding. But I am pretty proud of the fact that I can still write 28 pages of academic primary research in less than 24 hours, hand it in two minutes before the deadline with the paper still warm, and get an A. Add to that only two hours of sleep while writing it, and averaging less than five hours of sleep for the previous 5 days. As a bonus throw in two previous all-nighters that week. Heck yeah, bring it on!

*Original Christiansen. The last name of the prof who started us all out freshman year with the expectation of a 50 page term paper...and didn't give us the research topic until two weeks before the end of classes. (It ain't Compton, but it was certainly a school of hard knocks that semester)