Berlyn decided he wanted to bring a stuffed doll to the daycare today. Happens that this doll is a teddy bear sized stuffed version of the Hindu god Ganesh from the movie "My Friend Ganesh" that my sister sent him from India. He was very considerate in taking off all the bangles so that "Nobody would break them" and was pretty excited to hang it in his cubby.

The lady who watches the kids, who I know is religious, asked what it was. When I told her her face changed to a frown and she said, "Oh!". Apparently having a graven image in the classroom isn't something she enjoys.

After telling me with a shocked expression that they have "Over a million gods in India" she said, "They have so many problems over there!". I left it at that and didn't expound on the similarity of the hindu gods to the trinity, or any deeper meaning. I'm beginning to think that literalist religion is antithetical to multiculturalism, which is no surprise given the "my way or the highway" beliefs of most monotheistic religions.