I have never broken a fly rod in my life. I'm a bit surprised by this, but I guess I've been lucky (and I have mostly owned cheap but bulletproof rods). After my last trip to the St. Joe the bottom and second section of my rod wouldn't separate. We tried everything, including both of us pulling on it with all our weight. I came home and used heat, cold, WD40 and every trick I could find online. Nothing worked!

Luckily Redington has a good warranty and my experience with their customer service was one of the best I've ever had with any company. I called and asked if they had any tips or tricks. The customer service rep gave me a couple ideas that I had already tried, then said to give it a few days and if it wouldn't come apart to break it and note the reason on the warranty form.

I gave it another week of working on it and couldn't get it apart. Eventually I managed to break it while trying to get it apart so I sent it in. It took less than a week to get a completely new replacement, including a new rod case to replace my old one who's zipper have broken. It's a 4-piece, 8'6", Classic Trout rod that's worth about $150 or so. It's nice to know that they will stand behind even a cheap rod, especially since I like the rod quite a bit.