This is a picture of the best cinnamon roll I have ever had, bar none. A man on Palouse has outfitted the renovated hotel he owns downtown with a commercial kitchen and bakery/coffee bar. Unfortunately he isn't open for business, he's hoping someone will want to lease the space for a business.

He aught to do it himself. He baked cinnamon rolls as a special treat for the Palouse Days revellers and sold them at the bargain basement price of $1.50.

They were light and fluffy but with enough substance to keep them firmly in the bready category rather than pastry. They were stuffed with tons of good raisins and plenty of cinnamon and sugar. The bottom was the most amazing part. They were carmelized on the bottom with no burnt spots and a perfect layer of gooey and also crunchy sugar/cinnamon mixture. The cream cheese frosting topped it all off.

I didn't expect to find the perfect cinnamon roll in Palouse Washington, but hey, you take life as it comes. I hope he makes it a tradition.