We just watched Hook with Berlyn and he is suddenly obsessed with Peter Pan. Not that that is in any way strange. I played Peter Pan for a large portion of my childhood. Still, Berlyn, as usual, takes things to an extreme that shy little Jens never would have attempted.

He was "fighting" captain hook (Papa) and jumped up on the couch to exclaim, "Tink gave me fairy dust and I can fly, watch...I'm going to flip in the air".

The wild look in his eye told both of us that he might try something beyond his physical envelope so we warned him that he should just jump down and pretend he was flying. He nodded his head and let fly... a perfect 180 twist with a horizontal roll...into a bellyflop on the floor.

Although he hit pretty hard I think most of the tears were not in pain but for the realization that indeed he couldn't fly. Oh, well. That's what dreams are for. He'll fly in that space between sleeping and dreaming and be happy I'm sure.