My lab group went to Silver Mountain last week to go skiing. What a blast. My advisor brought his kids so we had a gaggle of youngsters plying the slopes for the first time. Berlyn is a natural. Here is a video taken in the first 15 minutes of skiing, followed by a video from later on in the day. Sorry for the poor quality of my phone cam.

about 5 minutes after the first video was taken some skiers saw berlyn in mid run and gave him a thumbs up. Berlyn had the presence of mind to look at them and give a thumbs up while hurtling at toddler speed down the hill. The effort unbalanced him and he nearly wrecked but pulled it out into a sweeping spin that left him gliding the last 25 feet or so in a reverse snowplow. I know that I was not that coordinated when I was his age.

For more pictures of the mountain, and riding the worlds longest gondola to get there, check out my photobucket page here.