What a great fathers day. My mom decided to make up blueberry pancakes that were cooking just as I woke up. Yumm!! Then Berlyn and I went to Moscow and met up with Mommy. Berlyn did an admirable job of keeping his fathers day secret from me for a whole week...then slipped on the way to the mall with the revelation that we were going to the batting cages. That was alot of fun. I haven't hit a ball in a long time.

Berlyn is a natural with a bat. He has no fear whatsoever of the yellow balls flying at him, and steps right into the pitch. He got two turns in the cage adn hit 8 balls by himself, and a bunch more with my help. He really smacked the last one of the day. You can see it on the video.

Then we dropped into the icecream shop in the mall and had ice cream cones. Yummy! All in all it's been a very nice fathers day.