It's been a long time since I posted a New Music Monday post. This one was spurred by my recent gig at the Palouse Music Festival. It was a blustery day but the set went really well and I had lots of people asking me afterward for recordings of my music…which I don't really have. So, that set me to work giving them something to listen to. This necessitated a beer meeting with a recording engineer friend which has led to talk of a legit album in the future. I'll keep you informed. Until then, here are some things I have drug from the depths of my hard drive.

Here is a video I made at the last minute for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. It is one of the only recordings of a favorite song I wrote, Love Like a Ballgame.

I also published a few tracks on SoundCloud:

I just love the song Goodnight Irene and this isn't bad for an iPhone recording.

These last two are songs I wrote and self-recorded back in 2003 for a performance demo.

Have fun! Email me if you are interested in other bootleg recordings. I have some to share, but not on here.