The life of a graduate student is a a long, often very slow, slog of classes, data and writing. It's easy to get buried in the flow of work and lose out on other aspects of life. As a PhD candidate in Water Resources at University of Idaho I'm determined not to let that happen. This blog, I hope, will be an outlet for the things in my life that I care about, both in and out of school. I like to think of myself as someone with many interests and talents and this blog will hopefully reflect that.

I enjoy my work in fish ecology and hope to complete my degree and move into academic research and teaching. Expect some posts about what I'm doing, updates on my research and commentary about the field of ecology in general. I'm not going to make this the focus though, I do enough research on fish every day I don't need to rehash it too often. At the bottom of the page is a video I made for a class of high school students explaining my background and what I do. It's worth watching if you want to know more about what I do.

I have a wonderful family, an amazing son and a wife. We enjoy staying active and being outdoors, I also enjoy food and love to cook. My fiancĂ© and I have developed quite a mixology hobby thanks to Corey, the bartender at Black Cypress Restaurant, and love to create new drinks and recreate ones we've enjoyed. So, expect plenty of food and drink related posts. 

Photo by Alex Roberts
Of course, as a fish ecologist it's almost obligatory to enjoy fishing. I recently got into tenkara style fly fishing and have really enjoyed it as a way to get away from the commercial, gear centered, culture of fly fishing. Expect posts about both standard and tenkara style fishing off and on. 

Music is a big part of my life, both listening and playing. I've started a My Music Mondays series of posts and hope to keep updating it with sound clips and videos of my own playing. From time to time I'll probably post about music that I like or new bands I think people might want to know about. 

Finally, I enjoy being able to look online for reviews of products before I buy them, so I sometimes like to give back a bit and post my own reviews. It's satisfying to let people know, in detail, why a particular product completely sucks…or why it or the company that made it are awesome. Nobody gives me anything to review, it's all based on things I've actually purchased and feel strongly about. 

Have fun reading, and make sure to comment! There's nothing that makes a writer want to write more often than hearing feedback on their work.